Fuel Efficiency – Webinar

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On the 25th of February, StorkJet conducted a webinar about a modern approach to fuel efficiency.
During two sessions (for various time zones) we tried to answer the questions that fuel efficiency teams are facing every day:
– How to get the desired information from so many data sources?
– Where and how big the real fuel savings are?
– How can we manage the whole set of complex fuel initiatives?
– What can we do to engage pilots and other stakeholders to build a positive fuel ecosystem?

The event becomes a great success – 150 airlines’ representatives, from the entire globe, registered to check how airlines can optimize flight operations and engage pilots to fly smartly with the support of FuelPro™.

For those who couldn’t join the live session, we prepared the video from this event. If you have not seen it yet, feel invited to check it at any time you want! 

LINK to Fuel Efficiency Webinar