Engage pilots to fly more eco-friendly

FlyGuide is an EFB app for pilots which helps prepare for the flight and gives intuitive feedback to improve efficiency.

Operate safely and efficiently

Around 50% of savings are in pilots’ hands. However, without dedicated tools, it is challenging to communicate with them and share reliable feedback. That is why FlyGuide delivers only important messages and enables pilots to operate safely and efficiently while empowering them to make more informed decisions.

All in one app

Fuel Briefing
Prepare for the flight
Compare with your peers
Historical flight
Check your scores

Fuel Briefing

Help your pilots prepare for the flight in the most cost-effective way:

  • Plan proper amount of fuel
  • Use shortcuts where possible
  • Use optimal arrival and departure policies

Fuel scores

Give pilots’ insight on performed flights and engage them to improve:

  • Share fuel scores
  • Give personalized feedback
  • Compare with colleague

Easy access

Log in from any EFB device (IOS, Android, and Windows) and any web browser.


FlyGuide can be fully adjusted to your airline-specific needs. Pilots will see:

  • Personalized scores, targets, and motivational phrases
  • Information adjusted to your Standard Operating Procedures

All of that airline manages in the Fuel Efficiency dashboard FuelPro.

Interested in a demo?

Want to engage pilots in CO2 reductions? Let’s discuss how to share only reliable messages in a continuous improvement atmosphere!

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Drop us an email to check on real live cases how airlines save on 44 fuel initiatives and engage pilots to fly more eco-friendly.


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