StorkJet presents Fuel-Efficiency Solutions at the Miami Aerospace MRO & Flight Operations IT Conference

StorkJet proudly showcased its latest advancements in fuel-efficiency solutions at the Airline & Aerospace MRO & Flight Operations IT Conference in Miami on September 12-13. This pivotal gathering saw the convergence of key decision-makers, aviation specialists, and fuel-efficiency experts.

Our exhibit at Booth 51 was a focal point for unveiling the intricate functionalities of our FlyGuide FPO (Flight Profile Optimization) EFB app. Designed with laser precision, this EFB application equips pilots with the capability to meticulously optimize speeds and altitudes during essential flight phases, enhancing fuel-saving strategies during climb, cruise, and descent phases.

Volaris, our esteemed partner and customer, provided an empirical perspective on the efficacy of StorkJet’s solutions. Their success narrative accentuated the crucial role of the FuelPro dashboard in streamlining fuel consumption. Detailed analyses underscored how FuelPro analytics harness real-time data, enabling pilots to make strategic decisions and significantly mitigate fuel wastage.

Renata Niedziela, our CEO, elucidated StorkJet’s portfolio’s comprehensive spectrum, emphasizing the FlyGuide EFB app’s data-driven approach. From pre-flight fuel assessment to Flight Profile Optimization and culminating in post-flight feedback analysis, FlyGuide serves as an invaluable tool in the pilot’s arsenal. Furthermore, Katarzyna Wyszkowska spotlighted the granular advantages of tail-specific aircraft performance monitoring via StorkJet’s APM, demonstrating quantifiable fuel savings through real flight data.

The two-day conference was more than product showcases—it was an epicenter of knowledge exchange, discussions on fuel-saving metrics, and the exploration of data-driven methodologies to revolutionize fuel efficiency in aviation.

More about the Venue:

The Airline & Aerospace MRO & Operations IT Conference is the world’s only event to address the key issues relating to the development of IT and its critical use for aircraft maintenance and flight operations. It provides one-stop solutions for airlines, aircraft operators, and Independent MROs, in just two days to discover more about how new technology can streamline and increase their operating efficiency as well as reduce costs dramatically. The conference provides three significant opportunities:

Software Demos: A large exhibition area allows airlines, aircraft operators, and MROs to try out and demo the major software and hardware systems from the world’s leading vendors. Solutions on display include integrated MRO/M&E systems, ERP software, paperless systems, and much more.

Agenda of Presentations: A 2-day roster of presentations, delivered by industry experts and the IT users themselves, covers the latest key issues and trends in this essential sector. The schedule includes case studies, vendor showcases, and interactive workshops, ensuring varied and fresh information.

Networking: The conference is a melting pot of over 500 key executives from diverse sectors like airlines, operators, MROs, OEMs, IT vendors, regulators, and consultants, making it a prime spot for networking and the exchange of ideas

Our next stop and showcase will be in Bangkok from October 18-19. For an in-depth understanding of our solutions and methodologies, we invite you to engage with us on LinkedIn or request a personalized demo.

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