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AdvancedAPM provides up to date performance factors for accurate fuel planning. The process is fully automatic and works for all aircraft types.

Why APM is
so important?

Aircraft deteriorate over time. It means that burning the same amount of fuel, older aircraft travel shorter distances than brand new one. Up-to-date performance data of each aircraft in the fleet is crucial for efficient fuel planning.

APM challenges

Various software needed
Different processes for each aircraft type
It is too complex
Only processing data can be a big challenge
Not precise results
Overburs, not optimum speeds and altitudes
Read about it!

Our Goal?

Make aircraft performance monitoring easy and precise

so that meaningful results can be obtained quickly from one place, with no effort.
so that performance is free of seasonality and hidden errors, such as gross weight error.

How airlines save with AdvancedAPM?

Jaime Romero Waldhorn

Fuel Efficiency Manager at Wizz Air

“Changes in aircraft performance are immediately being observed by AdvancedAPM. With automatic alerting, Wizz Air can react fast to increased degradation and work on corrective actions.”

Leszek Danielski

Flight Operations Engineer

“There is now a unified APM process for the entire fleet – and having the same solutions for the entire fleet means no additional costs for developing and maintaining different tools.”

The highest precision

  • Tail-specific AI models, fully independent of the aircraft manufacturer ones.
  • Uses real flight data, with 50+ parameters used to measure performance.
  • Based on all available segments of stable flight.

Performance of all aircraft in one place

Different software for each aircraft type makes APM complex and time-consuming. With StorkJet APM you can now enjoy a solution fully compatible with all aircraft types – from turboprops to the biggest jets.

No manual work any more

The process is designed to work fully automatically with results being updated in the system as soon as new flight data is available.

Data loading
Data quality check and repair
Stable segments processing
Performance modeling & calculation
Performance factors ready
Automatic export to Flight Planning System

Precise fuel factors

  • Calculate fuel factors for FMS & Flight Planning System
  • Track performance of each engine and airframe
  • Update fuel factor just one day after change in performance
  • Be notified with automatic alerts if unusual changes in performance appear

Idle factor for descent optimization

  • Publish Idle Factor automatically on Flight Plans
  • Precise Idle Factor based on your historical flights
  • Taking into account unique performance of each of your tail

Easily integrated & Intuitive

  • One-time integration, then runs by itself
  • No hardware needed
  • Support of flight data from multiple sources (QAR, ACMS, ACARS)
  • Integrate APM results directly into flight planning system or other 3rd party software

Powerful analysis

  • Monitor 30+ charts and 50+ parameters in areas of aerodynamics, engine and air data sensors
  • Track history of each engine, independently of the airframe it is installed on
  • Get insights into engine thermal performance and thrust generation problem
  • Monitor trends before & after corrective actions

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