Cost of Weight – Storkjet’s Tip

Did you know how expensive inaccurate fuel planning can be?
Keep on reading this first post from the StorkJet’s Tips series to find out!

Using FuelPro,  you can check the impact of every 100kg of fuel taken on board. An example is presented for the 4 most popular mid-range aircraft types.

As a first step, we focused on the accurate calculation of the extra fuel burn caused by the inaccurate fuel planning. With AI fuel burn prediction models, you can check precise fuel penalties for each flight (yellow bars).
Looking at figures per one flight it might not be much, however for an airline operating on 50 aircraft, during one year of operations it generates enormous additional cost (gray bars).

Figure 1. Cost of extra weight

StorkJet Tip regarding the cost of weight:
Every additional kilogram of fuel onboard matters!

StorkJet’s Tip is a series of posts shared via information channels (LinkedIn, Website) where we publish analyzes, recommendations, and other supportive materials in the area of ​​fuel efficiency. All the analyzes are prepared based on the results from StorkJet’s solutions – AdvancedAPM ™ & FuelPro ™.

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