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Using StorkJet solutions airlines precisely monitor aircraft performance and reveal true saving potential across 44 fuel initiatives. All of them received return on investment during first months of cooperation. Check how they did it reading success stories below!

The Road to Optimization of Fuel Planning

The Road to Optimization of Fuel Planning

Volaris, the Mexican ultra-low-cost carrier share the values that have been gained from implementing a modern fuel management solution. Do you want [...]

Modern fuel efficiency

Modern fuel efficiency

The flag carrier of Poland, LOT Polish Airlines, shares their challenges in setting up a modern fuel efficiency program – From the general id [...]

Involving pilots in fuel savings

Involving pilots in fuel savings

JetSMART, the South American Ultra-Low Cost Carrier shares how they managed to improve their fuel efficiency with StorkJet’s Fuel Efficiency soft [...]

Aircraft Performance Monitoring at Wizz Air

Aircraft Performance Monitoring at Wizz Air

The Hungarian Ultra-Low Cost Carrier, Wizz Air, shares the experience of using StorkJet’s advanced aircraft performance monitoring solution, [...]

Aircraft Performance Monitoring at LOT

Aircraft Performance Monitoring at LOT

Leszek Danielski, Flight Operations Engineer at LOT Polish Airlines, shares how the airline leveraged efficiencies because of the improvement in ai [...]


Marco A. Charles

Senior Manager of Software Governance / COO & Fuel Efficiency Program

"On top of having people with knowledge, experience and great tools, StorkJet is a dynamic company, easy to work with, far away from any cumbersome way of making business..."

Mateusz Dziudziel

Head of Fuel Department

„For LOT Polish Airlines, StorkJet’s fuel efficiency software has been an eye-opener. With FuelPro, we are able to discover new fuel-saving possibilities and successfully implement them.”

Jaime Romero Waldhorn

Fuel Efficiency Manager at Wizz Air

“Changes in aircraft performance are immediately being observed by AdvancedAPM. With automatic alerting, Wizz Air can react fast to increased degradation and work on corrective actions.”

Leandro Alberto Castillón

Chief of Flight Operations Engineering

"JetSMART recommends FuelPro for airlines seeking to reduce their fuel consumption. It covers the essential fuel saving initiatives and has helped JetSMART to upgrade their fuel procedures, control and savings..."

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