About us

We are the experts
in aircraft performance

We analyzed over 4,1 mln of flights from various aircraft types starting from turboprops and ending at biggest jets, both short and long-hauls. Hard work brought the assumed results – we developed tail-specific performance models based on artificial intelligence that can predict fuel consumption at almost any atmospheric conditions and flight phases. We have proven that average error in fuel burn prediction is only a few kilograms per flight hour. This makes our performance models the most precise on the market what has been confirmed by our customers. This technology is now used in all of StorkJet’s products and services.

What we do?

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Our mission

We believe that by analyzing airlines' flight data we can make aviation more efficient than ever before. Each airline deserves solid fuel efficiency program. With specialized software they can now both save fuel and save the planet by reducing CO2 emissions!

67 mln

USD saved yearly

234k tones

CO2 yearly less

6.8 mln

flights optimized

5 grants

EU Research Projects

7 prizes

for innovation

74k tonnes

of fuel burned less

Meet our Leaders

Renata Niedziela


Renata Niedziela

The company was founded in 2014 by Renata Niedziela (CEO). She leads a team implementing the new approach to Aircraft Performance Monitoring. Her adventure in aviation started by programming her own QAR raw data reader and analytics tool. Renata holds a master’s degree from AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow in software engineering and MBA at the Cracow University of Economics.

Piotr Niedziela

VP, Head of Business Development

Piotr Niedziela

Piotr Niedziela is the Head of Business Development at StorkJet. His adventure in aviation started with performing market research in the area of fuel efficiency and raising funds for StorkJet’s development, including several European Union research grants. He introduced StorkJet’s products to the market and successfully led fuel efficiency software implementations for main airlines in Europe or South America. He graduated from University of Economics in Katowice.

Dr Emil Kaptur

Head of Research and Development

Dr Emil Kaptur

Emil Kaptur is Head of Research and Development at StorkJet. He holds PhD degree in experimental physics and his expertise in data analysis and machine learning comes from his previous work at European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). Currently, he leads a team of machine learning researchers with diverse backgrounds extending StorkJet's performance models to cover not only in-flight performance, but all areas of aircraft operations where fuel can be saved.

Adrian Zieliński

Head of Application Development

Adrian Zieliński

Adrian Zieliński joined StorkJet in early 2016. As one of the first solutions, he developed a highly efficient way of detecting dozens of stable segments during aircraft flight on all of its phases, now one of key components in StorkJet's products. He is leading team of developers, guiding software development of the company. Adrian holds Master’s degree from University of Silesia in Katowice in intelligent system engineering.

Anna Leman

Head of Administration and Finances

Anna Leman

From the beginning of her career, she has been associated with finances and EU projects. In StorkJet, she supervises the financial side of R&D projects co-financed from EU funds and manages the administrative side of the business. Anna holds a master’s degree from the University of Łódź in Theoretical Mathematics. She also finished postgraduate studies of Administration of EU projects at SGH Warsaw School of Economics and Data Analysis at the University of Economics in Katowice.

Maksymilian Dudek

Head of Business Analysis

Maksymilian Dudek

Maksymilian Dudek is a Project Manager, from the beginning of his professional career associated with reducing fuel losses, first for petrol stations and now for jet planes. In StorkJet he is leading a team of Analysts and Fuel Experts coordinates trial and implementation projects and oversees the communication and task management process. Maksymilian studied Business Analysis at the University of Economics in Katowice and holds a Master’s degree in Finance.

Michał Skowronek

Head of Data

Michał Skowronek

Michał is a software engineer who started his journey in IT as a PHP/MySQL developer working on Quality Assurance System in the manufacturing space. He moved to Java Technology Stack and worked on large-scale distributed systems for flight and crew management for many years. As the Head of Data, he’s focusing on the ingestion and processing of airline data feeds. Michał holds a master’s degree in Informatics from Jagiellonian University in Cracow.

Spread your wings with us!

Our team consists of 30 specialists such as fuel experts, performance engineers, jet aircraft pilots, data scientists, IT and business specialists. Together, we create outstanding solutions for the aviation industry.
Your work doesn't need to be just another line of code or a sales call. By working at StorkJet you are solving 21st-century problems like helping our planet to overcome global warming.
Spread your wings with us! Spread your wings with us!
Contests, prizes

Contests, prizes

StorkJet won several prizes for innovation, being also selected as the best Polish, European, and Global startup!

Best Global Technology StartUp

Winner of the European Future Forum 

The European Startup Prize for Mobility


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