Improve safety & maximize efficiency with StorkJet Taxi Fuel API

Do you fully utilize the latest technologies to maximize fuel efficiency and embrace sustainability? With StorkJet Taxi Fuel API, you can optimize fuel consumption and reduce your carbon footprint. So, take a step to discover how to make your business more eco-friendly and cost-effective.

Revolutionize your operations with AI-Driven precision

StorkJet Taxi Fuel API offers an estimation of taxi fuel for specific operations, utilizing machine-learning (ML) models trained by historical QAR data to minimize the gap between planned and actual taxi fuel consumption. You can experience the benefits of our data-driven approach extend beyond fuel efficiency:

Unparalleled accuracy: taxi fuel prediction based on a tail-specific fuel consumption model calculated for a given airport, runway, stand position, time of day, day of the week, season, and prevailing weather conditions.

Enhanced compliance: Fully aligned with ICAO & EASA regulations, ensuring your operations meet the highest standards.

Boosted safety and confidence in the flight plan: The statistical model enhances safety, and pilots can rely on data-backed flight plans, reducing the need for discretionary fuel.

Automated efficiency: Comprehensive architecture with proper fallback and error prevention mechanisms ensures easy integration that is adaptable to various operational needs and environments, as well as different flight planning systems, significantly minimizing human error in the flight planning process.


Proven emission savings

The debut implementation of our Taxi Fuel API has achieved remarkable savings, with the result that the taxi fuel difference (planned-actual) is reduced by 35kg after the integration. This impressive decrease has led to a consistent saving of 3-5 kg of fuel per flight for a narrow-body aircraft, corresponding to 87,500 – 200,000$ savings and 350 – 750 tonnes less CO2 emission for an operator with 100 aircraft per annual.

The graph below clearly illustrates the substantial drop in fuel discrepancy, underscoring the effectiveness of our API.


This breakthrough directly results from our API’s ability to analyze QAR data with remarkable precision. The API’s data-driven AI approach estimates fuel closely tailored to each flight’s specific demands, significantly diminishing the extra cost incurred from carrying fuel that isn’t needed.

Beyond standard regulatory compliance: elevating industry standards

StorkJet Taxi Fuel API  fully complies with the EASA and ICAO regulations to offer a data-driven statistical taxi fuel calculation solution. It aligns with EASA’s AMC5 CAT.OP.MPA.181 and ICAO Annex 6, Part I, emphasizing safety, efficiency, and operational integrity through precise fuel calculation methodologies and continuous monitoring. Adhering to ICAO Doc 9976 and the IOSA Standards Manual, our API ensures accurate, regularly reviewed taxi fuel estimates that reflect an operator’s fuel policy and operational conditions. By utilizing this integration, you can attain operational excellence, safety, and sustainability while fully aligning with industry standards and regulatory compliance.


Reinforced flight safety: percentile vs average

StorkJet Taxi Fuel API  ensures safety by employing an AI-driven approach to historical taxi time and fuel data for its predictions. Unlike the simple statistical fuel, our method utilizes functions that account for the variability and extremes in seasonal, weekly, and daily distributions. This method provides a robust safety margin by encompassing a broad range of past operations, and it includes options to customize the output for specific times of the day or days of the week. Essentially, our ML predictions are designed to be more than sufficient by offering a buffer that accounts for variations in taxi operations based on the percentile defined by the customer. This careful balance maintains operations within a safe threshold while minimizing unnecessary fuel or time allowances.


Customizable and easy integration leading to reduced human error

StorkJet Taxi Fuel API  is designed with customization and ease of integration, ensuring it can seamlessly adapt to different operational needs and flight planning systems. This solution can be tailored to fit specific airline requirements, boosting efficiency without major infrastructure modifications. The straightforward integration process reduces the complexity of adopting new technologies and significantly decreases the likelihood of human error. By automating the estimation of taxi fuel based on precise, historical data, we minimize the risk of inaccuracies arising from manual calculations.


Elevate your operations with StorkJet Taxi Fuel API

StorkJet Taxi Fuel API  is a practical solution that enhances fuel efficiency and safety during the flight planning phase. We focus on the benefits of fuel savings, precise data-driven estimations, and improved flight safety and pilot confidence. From the pilot’s perspective, planned taxi fuel is just as it should be: when the pilot expects a long taxi out with likely delay, taxi fuel is elevated. The planned taxi fuel is low if the pilot expects a short taxi. Our product is designed to integrate easily and reduce human error. With a proven track record of fuel efficiency and a genuine commitment to safety, we invite you to explore how our solution can transform your operations.

Are you ready to redefine what’s possible for your airline? Step forward with StorkJet and contact us to discover the complete business and operational benefits of the StorkJet Taxi Fuel API.



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