New team member! StorkJet as a sponsor of the White Stork

White Stork
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We are pleased to inform you that Storkjet has become an official sponsor of the White Stork in the Silesian ZOO!

At Storkjet, we have a deep respect for nature. We want to pay a tribute to these big, majestic and impressive birds for providing us with an apt coinage for our business name and we believe that by supporting these birds, we are paying it forward to both nature and our planet.

We chose Storks as a symbol for our company and its place in both our name and logo is a true depiction of the qualities we represent. Their excellent efficiency during flight along with their masterful use of the air thermals to glide through long distances during their annual migrations between Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa makes them a truly graceful work of art and the ideal gift of nature to emulate.
Also, the White Stork is a well-known international symbol of Poland.