StorkJet at Annual Flight Operations Conference in London

Last week, our representatives Piotr & Emil participated in the 13th Annual Flight Operations Conference in London organized by Aircraft Commerce.
It was our last conference planned for this year and turned out to be the most successful so far!

The conference is the world’s leading flight operations event which focuses on commercial aircrafts operations. Over 200 key executives from airlines, operators, OEMs, IT Vendors, Regulators and Consultants from across the world have participated in this 2 days event filled up with presentations, given by industry experts and airline / aircraft operator executives.

As usual, StorkJet participated in the conference as an exhibitor. At stand E12 Piotr and Emil were presenting the AdvancedAPM software, answering to questions and conducting interesting discussions. We were surprised because of the interest in what we do – in just 2 days we made over 30 presentations of AdvancedAPM software!

What is more, during the 1st day visitors had the opportunity to listen to Mr. Leszek Danielski’s speech from LOT Polish Airlines. He presented LOT’s Case Study „Using advanced aircraft performance monitoring to track data and uncover efficiency gains” which presents benefits from implementation of our AdvancedAPM in their airline. Many thanks to Mr. Danielski for his speech!

Hope that all conferences in 2020 will be as productive as the one in London!


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