StorkJet’s Aircraft Performance Monitoring – New Availablity for Embraer and Bombardier

At the beginning of July, StorkJet has announced that Bombardier and Embraer were added to the list of supported aircraft in AdvancedAPM, in addition to the already supported Airbus and Boeing aircraft.

StorkJet’s APM software helps airlines to know the up-to-date in-flight performance of each aircraft in the fleet. This enables accurate planning and execution of the flights in an optimum way and as a result, reduce the fuel burn.

StorkJet’s CEO, Renata Niedziela, said: „Nowadays, independent monitoring and constant improvement of aircraft performance is considered to be a crucial element of airlines’ business strategy. Since each aircraft manufacturer provides its own performance monitoring software, the diversity and the size of the fleet makes aircraft performance monitoring process laborious and time-consuming. (…)


The initial development of AdvancedAPM has been centered around the performance monitoring of the most popular aircraft types produced by Airbus and Boeing, as those are undoubtfully key players in commercial aircraft manufacturing. However, in response to the demand of our customers the solution for Embraers and Bombardiers has recently been introduced as well. Today we provide APM for: Q400, E-Jet family, B737 (Classic, NG & MAX), B787, A320 (entire family, CEO & NEO). If a specific type is not included in the platform already, we are flexible to include it during the implementation process. (…)

Among the major challenges with the support of those new aircraft types were various sets of recorded flight parameters, different flight dynamics, route specification and technical characteristics. All these have been overcome on the way to create a solution for the full range of aircraft – from turboprops to the biggest jets.

Thanks to StorkJet’s AdvancedAPM performance engineers are able to track the performance of a diverse fleet in one place and independently from the manufacturer models. The data-driven, artificial intelligence-based solutions results in the highest quality of the received outcomes, while the multiple performance diagnostics modules additionally provided by StorkJet’s APM allows identifying the root cause of extensive fuel burn.

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