Sustainability statement video

Nowadays, aviation plays a big role in our civilization’s development, enabling us to travel across the world and the fast transport of goods. But we are all paying a significant price for that, which is 3% of global CO2 emissions. If we put this amount of CO2 in a one-meter-high square, its area would be larger than the entire Germany. According to forecasts, in ten years aviation emissions will be almost 6% of the total CO2 emissions. We cannot give aviation, but we can make it less harmful and more efficient for the environment.

Our answer to that need is airlines’ fuel efficiency software. What we do, is we take data from the aircraft, put it into our software, and with artificial intelligence we optimize over 40 areas of the airline’s operations. With that, they reduce CO2 emissions, save fuel and increase profit. Our mission is to accelerate the transition of aviation to be more ecological and sustainable by using modern technologies based on big data and AI.

It will take over 20 years before electric commercial aircraft appear, but our solution is available today. In 2021 it was already 22 thousand tons of fuel less, which translates to over 15 mln USD. That’s almost 70.000 tons of CO2 less in the atmosphere thanks to our software. To absorb such an amount of CO2, ten million trees are needed!

We have been operating for only a few years, but we already serve 1.7% of the aviation market. With that in mind, we plan to serve 10% of the aviation market by 2027. This will correspond to 108 mln USD of savings and reduce CO2 emissions by 486,000 tons per year.

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