StorkJet’s fuel efficiency platform: JetSMART Case Study

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In the newest release of Aircraft IT Magazine, JetSMART – a South American rapidly growing low-cost aircraft operator, shared his experience about the StorkJet’s newest product – fuelPro.

fuelPro is the fuel & operational efficiency platform that enables analysis and implementation of all cost savings initiatives (up to 4% of savings), by utilizing aircraft flight data. Today, fuelPro supports efficient operations of 176 aircraft from 3 airlines (JetSMART, Volaris, LOT Polish Airlines).

In the article, besides the details about the fuelPro concept, you will also find the story of JetSmart’s battle for the best fuel efficiency. From identification of challenges, through the decision to become fuelPro user and the summary of cooperation expressed in fuel and money saved.


Link to the to the full release of Aircraft IT Magazine