Summary of the Year – StorkJet in Numbers


The extremely challenging and amazing year is just behind us. Let’s sum it up with some numbers:

  • Our team increased by over 70%. That made us change our company’s office for a much bigger and more comfortable one.
  • In January we received positive information from European Union about granting 0.5 mln EUR to master the technology that we use and to deliver new innovative solutions.
  • We have totally changed the way we develop the software. Now it is based on a content management system. This means that in a very easy way we can create a fully tailor-made solution adjusted to the airline’s specific needs.
  • What is more, we added a novelty that till now has been unknown in the global aviation market. We have created AI models which can very precisely predict fuel consumption in over 40 areas of airline operations. By creating what-if scenarios airlines can easily find savings in every second of the flight.
  • In 2021, our customers reduced fuel usage by nearly 22 thousand tons, which corresponds to over $15 million of savings yearly. With that airlines emitted 71 thousand tons of CO2 less into the atmosphere. 10 million trees are needed to absorb this amount of CO2 in a year.
  • All of our clients received ROI (Return on Investment) during the first months of use or even in the trial period.

This all resulted in selecting StorkJet as “THE BEST start-up in the world” in the OVHcloud EcoEx contest, which is the global event dedicated to companies operating in areas of Big Data, AI, and DeepTech.

Moreover, during European Future Forum, we were selected by Plug and Play Tech Centre – Silicon Valley’s accelerator, as the best company among over 100 participants.

Watch a short video summarizing the past 12 months of our activities:


We are keeping our fingers crossed for the next achieved goals, and we are immensely excited to face new challenges in 2022!

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