Airline & Aerospace MRO & Flight Operations IT conference in Miami


A week full of excitement is right behind us! Our team, including Patrycja Szlempo (Account Manager), Piotr Niedziela (VP), and Emil Kaptur (Head of Research & Development), took part in Airline & Aerospace MRO & Flight Operations IT conference in Miami!

Firstly, Volaris, represented by Marco Antonio, described how StorkJet’s solutions – FuelPro and APM contributed to implementing a solid sustainability strategy by reducing CO2 emissions by 31k tonnes and saving 6,7mln USD only in 2021!

Then Emil Kaptur performed a presentation about Fuel Efficiency Myth Busters and explained the significant value of what-if scenarios with data-driven AI models in the accuracy of the calculation.
In the meantime, we performed over 20 demos for airlines and had tons of valuable discussions.
It was great to hear such positive feedback about our activities in person in Miami!

We can’t wait to meet you again at the following Aircraft Commerce conferences in Bangkok and London this year!



More about the speeches:

Case Study: Volaris – Using an Innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered Fuel Efficiency Solution

Volaris, the leading Mexican ultra-low-cost carrier, bases its success and fast growth on having a young and efficient fleet. The rapid expansion has also incentivized Volaris to define a solid sustainability strategy. For this purpose, Volaris uses an innovative fuel efficiency solution from StorkJet. This case study will focus on the optimization of planned fuel without compromising safety, as well as advanced fuel efficiency gap analysis made by StorkJet. With the use of innovative AI fuel burn prediction models, Volaris can optimize in areas like flight planning, APU, taxi, take-off, climb, cruise, descent, approach, and landing. By simulating all feasible what-if scenarios, StorkJet was able to identify totally new, so far unknown optimization areas.

Marco Antonio Charles, Senior Manager Applications, Operations, and Fuel, Volaris


Fuel Efficiency Myth Busters – Using what-if-scenarios with data-driven AI models

How to find real saving opportunities and in what areas should I focus? This simple question is being asked by everyone in flight ops divisions across the aviation market. However, these days, with available software on the market, a solution is not so easy to find. Because of that, there are popular beliefs that are far from true. During the presentation StorkJet will take a closer look at two exemplary initiatives:

  1. Is Single Engine Taxi as beneficial as everyone says?
  2. Is optimization of descent not possible because of ATC restrictions? Or is it the area with the highest saving potential?

All these questions can be answered by simulating what-if scenarios with data-driven AI models. As a result, fuel managers can focus on the most beneficial areas and do not waste time on actions that do not bring results.

Emil Kaptur, Ph.D., Head of Research and Development, StorkJet


More about the venue:

The Airline & Aerospace MRO & Operations IT Conference is the world’s only event to address the key issues relating to the development of IT and its key use for aircraft maintenance and flight operations.

It provides one-stop solutions for airlines, aircraft operators, and Independent MROs, in just 2 days to discover more about how new technology can streamline and increase their operating

efficiency as well as reduce costs dramatically. The conference provides 3 great opportunities:

  • Software Demos: A large exhibition area allows airlines, aircraft operators, and MROs the opportunity to try out and demo the major software and hardware systems from the world’s leading vendors. The solutions you will be able to demo include:
    MRO/M&E: Fully integrated MRO / M&E systems, ERP Integrated Software, Paperless Systems, Supply Chain Management Solutions, Digital Documentation Management Solutions, Paperless Manuals, Documentation Scanning Solutions, Mobile solutions for the Hangar, Digitization; Data Analytics; more…
    Flight Operations: Digital and Paperless Solutions for the Flight Deck, EFB, ETL, Flight Planning Systems, Fuel Management / Efficiency, Aircraft Connectivity, Crew & Scheduling Solutions, Load Management, etc.
  • Agenda of Presentations: A 2-day agenda of presentations, given by industry experts and the IT users themselves, will discuss the latest key issues and trends in this vital sector of the industry. Case studies, vendor showcases, and interactive workshops are included to ensure that delegates receive key, varied and fresh information.
  • Networking: 500+ key executives from airlines, operators, MROs, OEMs, IT Vendors, Regulators, and Consultants from across the Americas zone and beyond will be in attendance allowing for exceptional networking and the exchange of ideas.


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