StorkJet’s new headquarters!

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We moved to our new office in mid-summer 2019.
The new company headquarters is located in Poland, in the heart of Katowice city – the capital of the Silesian agglomeration.
This move was a huge milestone in our company’s growth as we had been operating in our previous location for 5 years. During this time, the number of employees increased 5 times!
With our move to this new spacious location, we will be able to further develop our processes and expand our team without having to worry about cluster and a lack of ample space for our staff. Thanks to the move, our team has gained a lot of social/basic amenities that will prove instrumental by increasing both efficiency and productivity.

Firstly the office is located in the heart of Katowice, next to the full of green Freedom Square. It offers great connectivity by a car or public transport.
Secondly, our goal was to make the new office as user-friendly as possible, a feat that we are proud to say we achieved. All rooms are spacious and full of interesting aviation accents/themes.
We have also setup a dedicated space for relaxation where our team can take some time to recharge and get back in tune with themselves.
We are convinced that this change will help us spread our wings and continue the development of the company.