New functionalities of our Aircraft Performance Monitoring software!

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To answer airlines’ needs we have just released the newest version of tail-specific Aircraft Performance Monitoring software! From now on, airlines can benefit from new modules:

1. Aircraft Comparison
2. Distribution of thrust reduction per aircraft
3. Monitoring climb thrust redution

Aircraft Comparison

The new section allows comparing over 30 airframe and engine parameters between any aircraft in the fleet. With it, the airline can easily find any unusual behaviors and find out the root cause of aircraft deterioration.

Distribution of thrust reduction per aircraft

Another improvement is the functionality responsible for the distribution of thrust reduction per aircraft. The chart below is giving us an answer to the question of how many flights were performed with particular take-off thrust reduction.
It allows seeing what percentage of thrust reductions are most often used by pilots for a given aircraft. Thanks to that, the airline can verify the take-off thrust reduction configuration of each aircraft, check where the greatest losses come from and which generate the highest cost of servicing the engines.

distribution of thrust reduction

Monitoring Climb Thrust Reduction

Thanks to that airlines increase engine life and lower maintenance costs by making sure that proper settings are applied. The module allows for independent monitoring of Climb Derate and Taper/Washout settings.

climb thrust reduction

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