We analyze airlines’ flight data to provide the most precise
    aircraft performance and optimize fuel consumption

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    Fully automated Aircraft Performance Monitoring for your whole fleet.

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  • LOT
  • Wizzair
  • Volaris
  • Air Atlanta Icelandic
  • Frontier

Aircraft Performance Monitoring

  • Performance of each aircraft changes over time. If not tracked precisely, planning an accurate amount of fuel as well as executing flights at optimum speed and altitude is a challenge and may easily lead to loss of fuel efficiency. Storkjet AdvancedAPM is fully automated, most precise Aircraft Performance Monitoring platform which allows maximizing fuel efficiency in these areas.

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    Make aircraft performance easy.
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“The process is fully automated, allowing the performance team to concentrate on analysing the results and implementing the resulting initiatives, rather than processing the data.” Leszek Danielski / Flight Operations Engineer at LOT Polish Airlines

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  • Aircraft 3.6 mln


  • Analysed flight time 628 years

    of analysed
    flight time

  • Commercial aircraft 25

    types supported

  • Performance models 99.5%

    precision of own
    performance models

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  • "In the overwhelming world of Big Data, Storkjet knows very well how to turn Big Data into small data and let you make use of them." Leszek Danielski / Flight Operations Engineer at LOT Polish Airlines Read more

  • "On top of having people with knowledge, experience and great tools, StorkJet is a dynamic company, easy to work with, far away from any cumbersome way of making business" Marco A. Charles - Manager of Software Governance / COO & Fuel Efficiency Program

  • "JetSMART recommends fuelPro for airlines seeking to reduce their fuel consumption. It covers the essential fuel saving initiatives and has helped JetSMART to upgrade their fuel procedures, control and savings." Leandro Alberto Castillón / Chief of Flight Operations Engineering Read more



Big data analysis reveals new opportunities for the whole aviation industry. Its potential is just being discovered. To be an innovation pioneer, we invest a permanently significant part of our turnover in research & development. We also take part in several EU research projects.

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