Air Atlanta Icelandic chosen StorkJet’s advancedAPM to track Aircraft Performance

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We are happy to announce that Air Atlanta Icelanding, the carrier with headquarters in Kópavogur decided to choose StorkJet’s advancedAPM to track up-to-date in-flight performance for the whole fleet. The airline will use our software to accurately plan fuel for the flight including performance degradation of the aircraft, which should reduce overburns and in the end save fuel. The goal of the project is also to fully automatize the process, from data collection to processing, modelling and presentation of performance factors in web platform.

Air Atlanta is our first partner who operates on 4 engines aircraft in both cargo and passenger configuration. That’s a good news cause from now, besides already supported Q400, E-Jet family, B737 (Classic, NG & MAX), B787, A320 (entire family, CEO & NEO) we will also serve A340 and B747 aircraft.

Another step to create the solution for the full range of aircraft – from turboprops to the biggest jets.