Be aware of dangerous incidents while flying and improve your training process!

If your fleet has aircraft equipped with glass cockpits, this solution is for you.

Top features

  • Identify dangerous events.
  • 70+ types of safety incidents – in all flight phases, both operational and technical.
  • Check safety indicators presented on the intuitive charts and diagrams.
  • View flights and events in a flight simulator or in 3D flight trajectory.
  • Follow trends and safety improvements among pilots, students and instructors.
  • Fly with optimum speed and save fuel.


  • Safety enhancement:
    • Implement corrective actions
    • More objective risk management
  • Reduce maintenance costs:
    • Predict and diagnose technical faults
  • Enhancement of training quality:
    • Use FDM data in training materials
  • Fuel costs reduction:
    • Fly at optimum speed and burn less fuel

How does it work?

How does it work

We apply high level of data protection (dedicated server, IT security audits) – airlines thrust us with their data.

The main areas of safety enhancements:

FDM4GA identifies over 70 types of events, both operational and technical, such as:

Operational Technical
  • Loss of control/stall/spin
  • Flight below/above safe altitude
  • Lack of stabilization before landing
  • Landing outside the touchdown zone
  • Hard landing
  • Too early/late rotation
  • Aircraft limitations exceedance
  • Incorrect trim settings
  • Wrong aircraft performance during given flight phase
  • Entering the special use airspace or controlled area without clearance
  • Too high taxi speed
  • Fuel leak detection
  • Break in alternator operation
  • Exceeding the run time in maximum engine power
  • Too high engine cooling
  • Take-off with cold engine
  • No engine run-up before take-off
  • Engine run-up diagnostic
  • Temperature and pressure limitations exceedance of operating fluids


Event details

Replay the event in flight simulator

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